Admission Process

GLBM offers two distinct admission processes: Regular Admission and Lifetime Award Admission.

Regular Admission: Under this process, students are required to complete all coursework prescribed by GLBS in order to earn their degree. This is the traditional path where students engage in academic studies and fulfill all requirements set by the institution. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded their degree in recognition of their academic achievements.

Lifetime Award Admission: Contrary to the traditional route, the Lifetime Award Admission process does not necessitate the completion of all coursework. Instead, GLBS recognizes and values contributions beyond academic achievements. Factors such as community development efforts, involvement in charity work, years of pastoral commitment, and demonstrated leadership skills are taken into consideration. Individuals who have made significant contributions in these areas may be awarded an honorary degree by GLBM.


Bachelor- $3,000

Certificate- $1000

Doctoral- $7,000

Hybrid- $8,000

Masters- $5,000

It's important to note that GLBS does not facilitate the transfer of credits earned within the institution to other academic institutions. Therefore, individuals seeking to transfer credits should consult with their desired institutions prior to enrolling at GLBM. This ensures alignment with their academic goals and transfer requirements.